Poised (sold)

Sika Deer calf in pastel/pastel pencil (31" x 23" framed).

Editors Choice "Highly Commended" .
2010 Wildscape Magazine Artist of the Year competition. (Amateur category).

Sika Deer Untitled by Wendy Warren

Seeker Deer Untitled by Wendy Warren

Deer have such natural poise and elegance and have always held an affectionate place in my heart. Many happy hours have been spent observing them over the years.

In "Poised", I have tried to capture not only some of that delicate, proud beauty, but also the magical experience of encountering one of these exquisite creatures at such close range. Always an amazing privilege.

This little lady was grazing peacefully near her mother when I encountered them at a wonderful farm park near Newbury, Hampshire. It was a very soft, peaceful morning with no-one else around and they were grazing very close to the perimeter fence. She was fascinated by me but wary of venturing too close and would frequently glance over her shoulder to check me out. She was just so exquisitely pretty and delicate, with the most beautiful, black-lashed liquid eyes, enormous ears and wonderful fluffy bottom that I simply couldn't resist!

I hope you enjoy her.

How to buy

The original is now sold. Prints available. Please email me for details.

Where can I learn more about Sika Deer?

If you are interested in learning more about Sika Deer I recommend the British Deer Society.

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