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Yes... that's a Lion I'm Feeding!

Painting is a very personal thing, and putting your artwork out there for other people to see is a bit like revealing a little bit of who you really are, sort of like laying yourself bare. At least that’s how it feels to me.

Study of a sleeping Ocelot

I’ve always had what you might call a love hate relationship with my artwork. I love to draw and paint, but I am uncomfortable showing people what I have produced! I can revel in the production of a painting, but am critical of the end results. (Something that I’m sure many artists will relate to!). However, the one thing that is constant is the desire to do even better next time, and to take forward what I have learned into the next painting.

Having always worked in watercolours, my recent discovery of pastels and pastel pencils with their wonderful textures and vibrant colours has got me hooked. Pastels just seem to lend themselves to the depiction of fur.

As a child my passions were always the same, being outside, animals and art. Even back then I could sit for hours working on my latest drawing. So I guess it was inevitable that eventually my interests would combine to lead me to where I am now, an aspiring wildlife artist.

My love for animals is the inspiration for my work and there is nothing I find more compelling or challenging than trying to capture animals facial expressions and bone structure, or the intricacies of fur direction and form. I just love the detail!

Nick, Jack & Abbey

Many people crave pictures of ‘the big five’, or the big cats... but there are so many beautiful creatures out there. I'd feel cheated if I were to limit myself. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t like to paint the big five, just that I believe all animals are equally as beautiful and deserving of our attention.

All I need is a lifetime to do just that!

Family Life

... or chaos and pandemonium as my husband affectionately describes it!

I am very fortunate to live with my husband, two young children, cats and dog in a small but lovely 17th century cottage in Hampshire. Painting fits in around my very busy family life. As a consequence I’m not particularly prolific right now, but I’m working on it!

My wonderful husband is truly supportive of my work and is the creator of this brilliant website too.

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